offers two STripFET 40-V
automotive-qualified MOSFETs
that target devices with current ratings up
to 120 A. The MOSFETs include high-current powertrain, body, or chassis and
safety systems, and the switching characteristics make them suited to use in
motor drives such as in Electric Power Steering (EPS).


Compared to the previous STripFET F4 and F3
series, the F7 series features a much lower on-state resistance per die area.
This in turn simplifies designers’ needs for high-power designs by reducing the
number of paralleled devices. The STripFET families use DeepGATE technology to achieve 1.1
to 35 mΩ RDS(on) per die area and low RDS(on) x gate
charge (Qg) for superior energy efficiency in familiar power packages. High
avalanche ruggedness is another outstanding feature.




F7 enhances switching performance and energy efficiency by lowering the
body-diode reverse-recovery charge (Qrr) and reverse-recovery time
(trr), while softer recovery minimizes EMI thereby easing demand for
filtering components. In addition, optimized device capacitances increase noise
immunity, eliminate the need for snubber circuitry. The threshold-voltage
tuning ensures high false turn-on immunity without requiring a dedicated gate
driver. In bridge circuits like motor drives, and the soft diode recovery helps
prevent shoot-through currents thereby enhancing reliability.


40V STL140N4F7AG and STL190N4F7AG are qualified to
AEC-Q101 in the PowerFLAT 5×6-mm package with wettable flanks. The 40-V
automotive-qualified STripFET F7 MOSFETs are in production now, priced $0.92
each for the STL140N4F7AG and $1.25 each for the STL190N4F7AG for orders of 1,000
pieces. For further information visit