STMicroelectronics’ FingerTip TSC to power Xiaomi smartphones

STMicroelectronics (ST) has revealed that its FingerTip Touch Screen Controller (TSC) is powering all three of the latest Xiaomi Mi8 smartphone models, i.e. Standard, SE, and Explorer.

“ST’s industry-proven FingerTip TSC technology enables advanced multi-touch UI on many devices with a single-chip solution, with high and uniform sensitivity on all panels, including curved screen areas and new AMOLED displays, making it perfectly suited for the latest smartphone designs”, said Giuseppe Noviello, application specific product director, analogue custom product division, at ST.

The FingerTip TSC for both small and large screens provide an optimal mix of ultra-low power, small size, and low external part count, according to ST. The low-noise capacitive analogue front-end ensures very low intrinsic noise providing the high sensitivity required in new AMOLED displays. The innovative node compensation hardware provides consistent touch performance throughout the display panel including curved and trench areas.

FingerTip’s main processor implements a powerful 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 core that can provide a “high level” of overall touch performance in noise rejection and response time and can detect, classify, and track as many as ten finger touches at once.

Amy Best