Mill-Max - Spring-Loaded Contacts & Connectors

Mill-Max is proud to announce a new addition to its spring-loaded
pin selection with the introduction of the 0919-0-15- 20-89-14-11-0. This new
offering has a maximum stroke of 3 mm (.118”) with an initial height of .379”
(9,63 mm). It is designed for SMT termination and can be used at a minimum
spacing of .100” (2,54 mm).

0919 spring pin has a recommended working travel range of .030” (0,762 mm) to
.100” (2,54 mm) and a maximum mechanical travel of .118” (3 mm), the greatest
in our current spring pin lineup. There is a hard stop incorporated to prevent
over compression and minimize the risk of damage to the spring. This pin is
ideal for applications where greater compliancy is desired. It can compensate
for problematic tolerance stack ups in assemblies featuring board-to-board or
device-to-board connections. The 0919 allows a greater range of movement
between mating components, providing stable connectivity in assemblies subject
to motion, such as mobile devices and light weight devices that often use more flexible
housings and materials. When compressed to mid-stroke, it still allows for
.040” (1,02 mm) additional travel while remaining in the recommended working
range. Because the 0919 has more stroke capability, it provides higher forces
at its recommended working travel than similar spring pins of this scale. This
may be desirable to a designer seeking to sustain reliable contact during
cycles of high shock and vibration. The 0919 exhibits an average 85 gram force
at mid-stroke with the ability to achieve 127 grams at the top of the
recommended travel.