HyperSolar is developing a breakthrough technology to produce renewable natural gas using only sunlight, waste water and carbon dioxide to produce hydrogen, methane, and other valuable chemical products. Inspired by the photosynthetic processes that plants use to effortlessly harness the power of the Sun to create energy molecules, HyperSolar developing a novel solar-powered nanoparticle system that mimics photosynthesis to separate hydrogen from water. The free hydrogen can then be reacted with carbon dioxide to produce methane, the primary component in natural gas. This renewable natural gas is a clean, carbon neutral methane gas that can be used as a direct replacement for traditional natural gas to power the world, without drilling or fracking, while mitigating CO2 emissions.

HyperSolar Renewable Natural Gas from CO2, Water, and SunlightThe natural gas used today to produce electricity, heat our homes and power our vehicles, is primarily methane gas extracted from deep under the Earth’s surface that was formed hundreds of millions of years ago. Most of this gas was the result of ancient decomposition of plants and other organic matter. Unlike petroleum, natural gas is an untapped and geographically dispersed natural resource, and is the world’s fastest-growing fuel.

From sunrise to sunset, HyperSolar’s proprietary solar nanoparticles will work in a water based solution to produce clean and environmentally friendly renewable natural gas that can be collected for later use in power plants, industrial plants and vehicles – anywhere and anytime.

Unlike other approaches to hydrogen and methane production that may require high temperature and high-pressure systems, HyperSolar’s reactions are designed to occur at normal pressure and temperature. This allows for the use of very low cost and very simple reactors, such as a glass vessel or even clear plastic bag. To achieve world scale operation, HyperSolar envisions acres of very inexpensive reactors installed on vacant, non-productive land, producing massive amounts of carbon neutral methane that can be piped into the existing natural gas infrastructure for everyday use in homes, power plants, factories, and vehicles.

Features of HyperSolar Energy System

  • Solar Power – Just like plants and microorganism that sustain life effortless by using the power of the Sun, the only input energy to HyperSolar system is free and unlimited solar energy.
  • Bio-inspired Nanoparticle Artificial Photosynthesis – By studying the core solar conversion and chemical reactions inside plant leaves, HyperSolar designed a solid-state photoelectrochemical nanostructure that contains all the core elements needed to extract hydrogen from water using solar energy.
  • Lower Cost Manufacturing – Innovative chemical engineering techniques based on molecular self-assembly for designing low cost processes to manufacturing.
  • Wastewater Feedstock and Valuable Byproduct – Instead of using pure water, a very expensive starting point, HyperSolar optimizing the technology to work with wastewater containing organic molecules of all kinds, such as municipal and industrial wastewater. HyperSolar process photo-oxidizes (detoxifies) wastewater to simultaneously produce molecular hydrogen and clean water. Waste steams containing acids, such as hydrogen bromide and hydrogen chloride from industrial facilities, can be processed to produce pure bromine and chlorine, which are valuable and marketable byproducts.
  • Highly Scalable System – HyperSolar nanoparticles are self-contained solar powered systems. Just like plant leaves lying under the Sun, billions of nanoparticles can float in low cost transparent wastewater vessels all independently bubbling up renewable natural gas. If one nanoparticle fails, there are many more that will continue working.