Murata has launched what it calls the world’s lowest-profile
0.4-mm supercapacitor. The DMH Series of supercapacitors is designed to
facilitate peak
power assist with lithium-ion batteries in wearable and other portable devices
such as smartphones and smartcards.



A supercapacitor is a storage device with over 100 times the
capacity of ceramic and electrolytic capacitors. So it provides a longer work
life than common secondary batteries. Murata’s new supercapacitor boasts a
capacity of 35
mF and low equivalent series resistance (ESR) that allows it to enable peak
power assist in tens of milliseconds.

Furthermore, the DMH
Series supercapacitors’ compact size and low-profile design ensure increased output and power stability in portable
electronic devices like wearables. Murata started the production of these
supercapacitors in February 2017.