System Accurately Measures Rotor-Stator Gap

Kaman Measuring Systems
February 10, 2017

The GMS-750RS rotor-stator gap measuring system is suitable for measuring rotor-stator gap in large-scale power generation applications. Using the company’s current sensor technology, it provides accurate and repeatable gap measurements between 0.25 in. and 1 inch, with a 0.001-in. resolution. Promoted as being easy to use and featuring a simple design that eliminates operator variables, the system promises to reduce the overall time it takes to align the rotor to the stator. In operation, leaf-type springs compress together when inserted between a rotor and stator. The distance sensed is the distance between the two target springs. This concept ensures the eddy current sensor mounted in between sees a consistent target, ensuring maximum performance. Featuring a long insertion depth and adjustable insertion stops, the system provides an LED readout of the gap in inches or millimeters. For more information, go to

Kaman Measuring Systems
Middletown, CT


Company Kaman Measuring Systems
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