When designing embedded wireless technologies for worldwide deployment, it is important to consider the different regional regulatory requirements. Radio regulations vary around the world for some of the frequencies most attractive for unlicensed radio control and telemetry. For some applications, standardized radios operating at 2.4 GHz (for example Bluetooth, ZigBee, or Wi-Fi) can be used almost anywhere in the world. However, for other applications, the greater building penetration, less interference, and lower power consumption of lower frequency radios may be more attractive.

Tektronix published two application notes on “Design of Wireless Embedded Systems”, which could help wireless embedded system design engineers understand the issues in design and verification of wireless systems, and analyze the noise sources in wireless embedded systems.System Level Design and Verification of Wireless Embedded Systems

1. System Level Design and Verification of Wireless Embedded Systems

This application note will demonstrate the use of the Mixed Domain Oscilloscope in the design, verification and optimization of radio IC’s (integrated circuits) for the same application, but two different geographic regions – Europe and North America.
Download Link: http://www2.tek.com/cmsreplive/tirep/18827/48W_26921_0_MR_Letter_2011.

2. Hunting Noise Sources in Wireless Embedded Systems

When integrating a radio chip or module into a typical embedded system, a common task designers must face is tracking down and eliminating noise and spurious signals. Potential noise sources include switching power supplies, digital noise from other parts of the system, and external sources. Noise considerations also include any possible interference generated by the radio; an important consideration to avoid interfering with other radios as well as to meet radio agency requirements. In this application note, tips and techniques for hunting noise sources with the MDO4000 Series Mixed Domain Oscilloscope Series will be explored.
Download Link: http://www2.tek.com/cmsreplive/tirep/18824/48W_26920_0_MR_8.25×11%20Hunting%20Noise%20Sources%20AN_2011.