Battery Management System


Battery Monitoring IC for Electric Vehicles

Toshiba Electronics developed a Li-ion battery monitor chipset for automotive applications. Designed for Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) and Electric Vehicles (EVs), the Li-ion battery monitoring chipset comprises the TB9141FG battery monitoring IC and the TMPM358FDTFG microcontroller. The chipset detects remaining battery level, equalizes battery levels (cell balancing) and can detect abnormal battery status. The TB9141FG […]

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International Rectifier’s Evaira Advanced Energy Management System (EMS) is designed to dramatically extend battery life in electric vehicles and Hybrid Electric Vehicles. Evaira EMS is International Rectifier’s advanced-algorithm Energy Management System for heavy duty battery applications. This solution easily scales to both high cell-count battery packs and high current applications, enhancing battery pack performance and […]

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Battery Internal Temperature Sensor with a simple electrical test predicts Catastrophic Failures in Lithium-Ion Batteries. Abnormally high internal cell temperature may cause catastrophic failures in batteries. Scientists at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL), have developed an inexpensive sensor that can warn of impending catastrophic failure in lithium-ion batteries. The sensor is based […]

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Maxim’s MAX17047 compact Fuel-Gauge increases Lithium Battery Runtime, and provides most accurate State of Charge and Time-to-Empty in portable applications. ModelGauge m3 algorithm increases accuracy by eliminating the sudden changes in battery state of charge (SOC) commonly observed in other coulomb-counting fuel gauges. IC MAX17047 is ideal for fuel-gauging handheld single-cell and multicell Li+ batteries […]

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Smart battery sensors help improve the control mechanisms of modern automotive power trains. Improvements in engine, transmission and steering systems deliver greater fuel efficiency and power density so that today’s smaller and lighter power trains provide significantly more output power than in the past. ZMDI introduced industry’s smallest intelligent battery sensor IC for fuel saving […]

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