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Bluetooth Vs RFID Comparison

Both RFID and Bluetooth Technologies are used for wireless communication between devices, but each offer different benefits and security features. And the typical applications of RFID and Bluetooth Technologies are also differ. RFID is mainly used asset tracking in inventory and logistics, where as Bluetooth technology is a highly robust, widely accepted and low cost […]

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Libelium designed a new Bluetooth wireless module for its Waspmote wireless sensor network platform. Bluetooth wireless module enables wireless sensor networks to be directly linked to portable devices such as smart phones, PDA mobile phones, tablet PC, and laptop computers. This capability is particularly useful for medical applications and for industrial diagnostics. Additionally, when combined […]

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Libelium, a technology leader in wireless sensor networks, launched the Meshlium Xtreme multi-protocol wireless sensor network router. Meshlium Xtreme Wireless Sensor Network Gateway uniquely supports 5 wireless standards WiFi, ZigBee, GPRS, Bluetooth and GPS as well as wireline Ethernet giving a wide choice of methods for connecting wireless sensor networks to the Internet. It also […]

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Human-Machine interface devices (HID) are computer interface devices that interacts directly with humans, and most often takes input from, humans and may deliver output to humans. The term “HID” most commonly refers to the USB-HID specification, but the many HID class human interface devices are for mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, gaming devices, television, audio/video […]

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Constantly evolving, the technology of Bluetooth started off as a basic wireless connection standard but has since then been adapted and proven with many different uses and functions. A good example is Bluetooth for cell phones. It enables mobile users to connect to their hands free headset without using wires. Bluetooth technology will also allow […]

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Bluetooth wireless technology offers three different types of defined ranges, based on output ranges. Class 1 devices are the most powerful, as they can have up to 100 mW of power, with a regular antenna giving them a range of around 130 – 330 feet. The class 2 devices are lower power, offering up to […]

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Bluetooth Version 1.1 and earlier Since the technology of Bluetooth was introduced in 1998, several specification versions have been released. Versions 1.0 and 1.0B had too many issues and problems for manufacturers to develop devices for Bluetooth. The main issue was the lack of communication among the devices. The core specification version 1.1 is the […]

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Below, you’ll find several specifications for the well known Bluetooth: 1. Throughout the United States and even Europe, the range of frequency is 2,400 – 2,483.5 MHZ, with 79 1-MHz RF (radio frequency) channels. The frequency range in Japan is 2,472 to 2,497 MHz with 23 1-MHz RF channels. 2. A data channel of Bluetooth […]

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These days, all communication technology faces the issue of privacy and identity theft, with Bluetooth being no exception. Almost everyone knows that email services and networks require security. What users of Bluetooth need to realize is that Bluetooth also requires security measures as well. The good news for Bluetooth users is that the security scares, […]

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With Bluetooth being very popular with wireless, it’s no wonder there are many applications available for the technology. Below, you’ll find few applications for Bluetooth. For Bluetooth, there are literally hundreds of different applications and devices available for you to use or purchase. As you may already know, Bluetooth is the most popular wireless technology […]

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With new electrical devices being produced every day, the problem of connecting things is becoming more and more complex in nature. The system that comprises computers and other electronics makes use of varieties of wires, cables, etc. These parts will communicate through light beams, lasers, radio signals, and infrared. The problem however, is the devices […]

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The Apple powerbook G4 are among the first computers to offer Bluetooth technology 2.0+EDR. The 2.0+EDR technology, which still backwards compatible with 1.0, is up to three times faster than previous versions, offering maximum data rate transfers of up to 3 MBps. Being the first company to certify a system with 2.0+EDR, Apple continues to […]

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Bluetooth is a high speed, low powered wireless link technology that’s designed to connect phones or other portable equipment together with little to no work required by the user. Unlike infrared, Bluetooth doesn’t require line of site positioning to work. Current prototype circuits are contained on a board that is 0.9 cm square, with a […]

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Advantages of Bluetooth Technology Bluetooth has a lot to offer with an increasingly difficult market place. Bluetooth helps to bring with it the promise of freedom from the cables and simplicity in networking that has yet to be matched by LAN (Local Area Network). In the key marketplace, of wireless and handheld devices, the closest […]

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Bluetooth technology is a short range wireless communications method intended to replace the cables that connect portable or fixed devices while maintaining the highest levels of security. The key features offered by Bluetooth include low power and low cost. Below, are top 10 benefits and reasons to use Bluetooth technology. 1. Wireless As you probably […]

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Bluetooth technology is a short range wireless communications method intended to replace the cables that connect portable or fixed devices while maintaining the highest levels of security. The key features offered by Bluetooth include low power and low cost. The specification in Bluetooth defines a uniform structure for a wide range of devices to communicate […]

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Bluetooth wireless technology is the global wireless standard for personal connectivity that is appropriate for a broad range of electronic devices – from mobile phones and headsets to cars, MP3 players, cameras, printers, etc. The range of Bluetooth technology is application specific meaning that although the Core Specification mandates minimums, there is not a limit […]

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Bluetooth is a wireless technology that enables any electrical device to wirelessly communicate in the 2.5 GHz ISM (license free) frequency band. Its primarily designed for devices such as mobile phones, headsets, PDA’s and portable computers to communicate and send data to another Bluetooth enabled device. It has been specifically designed as a low cost, […]

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Here is the list of design and implementation of hardware and/or software project ideas for experimenting with Bluetooth technology for Wireless Communication & Network Security, for final year projects of electronics engineering students. These Bluetooth projects can be implemented with software programmed in Matlab code, and hardware designed in VLSI FPGA system using Verilog/VHDL. Bluetooth […]

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