Ethernet-Internet over Powerline


Broadband Powerline Modem for Industrial Powerline Communication

Maxim introduced the MAX2982, the first broadband, HomePlug 1.0-compliant powerline communications transceiver for harsh industrial environments. The MAX2982 is an easy-to-use industrial broadband powerline communications solution for automation and control, remote monitoring, energy management, wireless base-station control and monitoring, and local area networking (LANs). The MAX2982 is highly integrated and offers significant design flexibility. An […]

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The Maxim Semiconductor’s MAX2992 powerline communication (PLC) baseband modem delivers half-duplex, asynchronous data communication over AC power lines at speeds up to 300kbps. The MAX2992 is a system-on-chip (SoC) that combines the physical (PHY) and media access control (MAC) layers using Maxim’s 32-bit MAXQ30 microcontroller core. The MAX2991 integrated analog front-end transceiver interfaces seamlessly with […]

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D-Link unveiled the Hybrid Wireless N PowerLine Router DHP-1320, a networking solution for extending wired and wireless home networks using a home’s existing electrical wiring. The DHP-1320 provides up to 200 Mbps internet broadband over powerline electrical wiring – fast enough to stream HD video, support enhanced gaming and share large files from anywhere in […]

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