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System-Level Debugging and Monitoring of FPGA Designs

Altera’s new Whitepaper “System-Level Debugging and Monitoring of FPGA Designs” describes the latest state-of-the-art methods for debugging and monitoring large FPGA designs both during the simulation phase of development and after device configuration, and details the current practices that Altera has identified across a representative number of customer designs. In addition, the paper presents a […]

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Timing closure is of critical importance in high-speed FPGA designs. The tools available in Altera’s Quartus II development software are designed to help address the challenges that effect timing closure—the availability of critical resources, the amount of routing congestion both local and global, and the ability to accurately time the logic to avoid timing volitions […]

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FPGA Design For Portability for FPGA to ASIC SOC Conversion. FPGA – ASIC Potential voltage change. FPGA-ASIC JTAG implementation. FPGA-ASIC system timing requirements vs. FPGA timing capability. Develop robust design verification suites. Follow industry RTL coding standards.

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Q. What is FPGA ? Q. What is the significance of FPGAs in modern day electronics? Q. What is Synthesis? Q. FPGA design flow? Q. Tell me some features of FPGA you are currently using? Q. What is LUT? Q. What value is inferred when multiple procedural assignments made to the same reg variable in […]

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Q. What is the full form of RTL? Q. What is the difference between RTL and HDL? Q. Draw the state diagram to detect a sequence? Q. Draw the state diagram of a traffic light controller? Q. Which one is faster Carry look ahead or ripple carry adder? Q. What is the difference between Big […]

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