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Solar Power Simulation Software from Magna-Power Electronics

November 2011:- Magna-Power Electronics, a leader in high power programmable DC power supplies, offering solar array simulation software Photovoltaic Power Profile Emulation (PPPE). The PPPE software enables any Magna-Power Electronics power supply, from 2 kW to 1000 kW+, to emulate the power profile characteristics of solar array and vary these characteristics over time as a […]

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November 2011:- Ford Electric Vehicles bring Rooftop Solar Panels optionally. When Ford rolls out its lineup of electric and electric-hybrid vehicles in 2012, new owners will have the option of installing a solar array at their homes to offset the electricity they use to charge their vehicles. Ford partnered with SunPower for its “Drive Green […]

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New Energy Technologies Inc. is developing the SolarWindow solar film technology, which enables see-thru glass windows to generate electricity by ‘spraying’ their glass surfaces with New Energy’s electricity-generating solar coatings. SolarWindow solar film-coating technology makes use of ultra-small organic solar cells, which allow for the fabrication of transparent solar arrays on a broad range of substrate materials such as glass, plastic, and even paper. Resulting flexible and transparent solar plastic and solar paper sheets are suitable for portable solar power generation equipment.

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National Semiconductor Corp. introduced new SolarMagic™ integrated circuits (ICs), developed to reduce cost, improve reliability and simplify design of photovoltaic (PV) solar systems. Ranging from the industry’s first full-bridge gate driver to a micropower voltage regulator, the SolarMagic ICs are well-suited for a variety of photovoltaic solar electronic applications, including those found in solar microinverters, […]

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Solar thermal energy (STE) is a technology for harnessing solar energy for thermal energy (heat). Solar thermal collectors are classified as low-, medium-, or high-temperature collectors. Low temperature collectors are flat plates generally used to heat swimming pools. Medium-temperature collectors are also usually flat plates but are used for heating water or air for residential and commercial use. High temperature collectors concentrate sunlight using mirrors or lenses and are generally used for electric power production. Solar thermoelectric power generation uses solar thermal energy. Solar heating, cooling, and ventilation technologies can be used for commercial and residential buildings.

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