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WiMAX RF Protocol Testing System – AT4 Wireless

AT4 Wireless offers a wide range of test systems for Conformance and Development testing for WiMAX. AT4 Wireless WiMAX RF and Protocol Conformance Test system performs testing according to WiMAX Mobile Radio Conformance Test Specification defined by ETSI. It supports the applicable tests for WiMAX certification of Base Stations (BS) and Mobile Stations (MS). It […]

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AT4 Wireless MiNT (Mobile Communications Integrated Tester) is a family of test platforms for mobile communications. The MiNT RF family supports GSM 850/900/1800/1900, GPRS, E-GPRS, AMR, EDGE and DARP for 2G and 2.5G technology and W-CDMA, RRM and HSPA for 3G and 3.5G technology (covering national frequency bands). Mobile terminal development and certification testing is […]

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November 2011:- Altair Semiconductor, a leading developer of 4G LTE modem chipsets and baseband processors, has developed FourGee-3100/6200 3GPP LTE chipset that supports LTE throughputs in excess of 100Mbps/50Mbps Download/Upload respectively. FourGee-3100/6200 3GPP LTE chipsets are now being used in AsiaTelco’s 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot product, named ALM-F190. AsiaTelco is a leading supplier of 4G […]

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Long Term Evolution (LTE) is a 4G wireless broadband technology developed by the industry trade group known as the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). 3GPP engineers named the technology “Long Term Evolution” as it represents the next step (4G) in a progression from 2G-standard GSM to Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS), the 3G technologies based […]

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November 2011:- Freescale introduced the first “wireless base station-on-chip” products built on its innovative QorIQ Qonverge multimode platform. The new QorIQ Qonverge PSC9132 system-on-chip (SoC) for picocell and PSC9130/31 SoCs for femtocell base stations share a single, scalable architecture that simultaneously supports multiple air interfaces, providing operators and OEMs “future-proof”, highly integrated heterogeneous solutions that […]

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Cambridge Consultants developed industry’s smallest 2G and 3G femtocell base station. Cambridge Consultants launched Sidewinder™, the smallest commercially available 2G and 3G small-cell platform. Ideal for use in mobile phone communications and professional radio, Sidewinder is software configurable between GSM/GPRS/EDGE, WCDMA/HSPA+ and other SDR applications, providing new levels of adaptability for cellular base stations. It […]

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ARM recently introduced the Cortex- R5 and Cortex-R7 embedded realtime processors targeting LTE (long-term-evolution) and LTE-Advanced applications. ARM Cortex-R complements specialized DSP processors in 4G-modem applications. ARM Cortex R5 and the R7 in single- or dual-core processors reduce software overhead by allowing simultaneous processing of the download and upload channels that an LTE paired-spectrum FDD […]

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Wiley Publishers recently released a new textbook named “GSM to LTE: An Introduction to Mobile Networks and Mobile Broadband”. It is a new edition of Wiley’s Communication Systems for the Mobile Information Society, from the same author, Martin Sauter. Wireless systems such as GSM, UMTS, LTE, WiMAX, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth offer possibilities to keep people connected while on the move. This book covers 3GPP standardization, Mobility Management and Power Optimization, Voice over LTE, and Air Interface and Radio Network.

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SANTA CLARA, USA, Jan. 5, 2011:- Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced the industry’s first commercially available 4G system design library for 3GPP Release 10 — the W1918 LTE-Advanced library. The new system design library is available as an option to Agilent’s SystemVue 2011.03 release software. Wireless system architects and chipset makers working to […]

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Munich, Dec 07, 2010:- Rohde & Schwarz (R&S) releases an LTE Test Case Wizard that radically simplifies testing of radio base stations. The LTE test case wizard dramatically eases the task of generating the correct signals for specific R&S LTE base station test scenarios. An operator of a signal generator only has to select the […]

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Wiley’s newly released book, MIMO-OFDM for LTE, WIFI and WIMAX: Coherent versus Non-Coherent and Cooperative Turbo-Transceivers provides an up-to-date portrayal of wireless transmission based on OFDM techniques augmented with Space-Time Block Codes (STBCs) and Spatial-Division Multiple Access (SDMA). The volume also offers an in-depth treatment of cutting-edge Cooperative Communications. This monograph collates the latest techniques […]

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RF Micro Devices, a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance radio frequency components and compound semiconductor technologies, unveiled the RF5632, a 2.3—2.7 GHz power amplifier IC. The RF5632 is optimized specifically for WiMAX systems and can be designed into multiple applications, including customer premises equipment (CPE), gateways, access points, LTE wireless infrastructure, […]

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Picochip is increasing its engineering activities in the UK and China as it develops femtocell chipsets for the 4G mobile basestation market. “In 2010 we have seen dramatic growth in our business, and we expect to sell one million femtocell chips this year,” said Nigel Toon, president and CEO of Picochip. The company has moved […]

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ZTE has selected Freescale six-core MSC8156 digital signal processor (DSP) to power a flexible baseband platform for its software definable radio (SDR) base stations. Using the highly programmable Freescale DSP, ZTE can develop wireless base stations capable of supporting a range of wireless standards including 3G-LTE,TD-SCDMA, WiMAX and WCDMA.

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Intel Corporation has licensed the CEVA-XC communication DSP for 4G LTE Wireless Products. CEVA-XC is a high-performance, scalable, low-power communication DSP designed specifically for 4G terminals and wireless infrastructure. It supports multiple air interfaces in software, including LTE, TD-LTE, WiMAX 16m, HSPA+, HSPA, TD-SCDMA, GSM and CDMA.

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