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Dual Line Scan CMOS Camera for Machine Vision Inspection

October 2011:- Teledyne DALSA introduced the Piranha4 8k/7 micron Dual Line Scan CMOS Camera (P4-8k). The first of its series, the P4-8k combines advancements in Teledyne DALSA’s CMOS imaging sensor technology with outstanding signal-to-noise ratio for high speed imaging. “With 8k/7 micron resolution and 70 kHz maximum line rate using the Camera Link interface, this […]

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Camera Link is a robust vision communication protocol designed for machine vision applications. Camera Link uses a dedicated cable connection and a standardized communications protocol. Camera Link is a hardware specification that standardizes the connection between cameras and frame grabbers. It defines a complete interface which includes provisions for data transfer, camera timing, serial communications, […]

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By combining a clever physical interface with computer-vision algorithms, researchers in MIT’s Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences have created GelSight, a simple portable 3D imaging system that can achieve resolutions previously possible only with large and expensive lab equipment. The device could provide manufacturers with a way to inspect products too large to fit […]

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