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Top Electric Cars of 2011

The future has arrived, and it doesn’t take gas! While electric vehicles were once seen as an impractical alternative to standard fuel, today’s EVs present a viable option for the eco-conscious car buyer. With charging stations becoming more and more common alongside American highways. No longer restricted to tiny two-seaters and experimental designs, modern electric […]

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November 2011:- Ford Electric Vehicles bring Rooftop Solar Panels optionally. When Ford rolls out its lineup of electric and electric-hybrid vehicles in 2012, new owners will have the option of installing a solar array at their homes to offset the electricity they use to charge their vehicles. Ford partnered with SunPower for its ‚ÄúDrive Green […]

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Volkswagen has brought its innovative concept of Electric Taxi Vehicle to London as part of a world tour. Electric Taxi Vehicle is designed to meet the challenges faced by vehicles in modern cities, with ever tighter restrictions on space and emissions. Volkswagen Electric Taxi Vehicle Concept is powered by an electric motor fed by lithium-ion […]

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At Los Angeles Auto Show 2010, Honda unveiled the all-new Fit EV Concept electric vehicle and the platform for a mid size plug-in hybrid vehicle. Both vehicles are integral to the Honda Electric Mobility Network, the company’s comprehensive approach to reducing CO2 emissions through innovative products, energy-management and energy-production technologies. The Fit EV Concept hints […]

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