Power Factor Correction (PFC) Circuits & Devices


Power Factor Correction (PFC) Capacitors for 3-Phase Power Supplies

Capacitors for Power Factor Correction (PFC) in single-phase and three-phase circuits, are a low-cost solution compared to Active Power Factor Correction circuits. Three-phase PFC capacitors are now available also from Aerovax Corp. Aerovox AeroPower power factor correction (PFC) capacitors include round 3-phase designs with mounting studs.

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Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) offering Digital PFC (Power Factor Correction) Controller with highly accurate AC power meter capability and inrush control functionality. ADI’s new ADP1047 digital PFC controller is effective for AC/DC power-factor correction and precision power metering applications that require high reliability and redundant power supplies, such as communications infrastructure and motor control. ADI’s […]

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ON Semiconductor has announced the launch of a new power factor corrected dimmable LED driver for residential and commercial lighting applications. NCL30000 is a switch mode power supply controller intended for low to medium power single stage power factor (PF) corrected LED Drivers. NCL30000 achieves high power factor (> 0.95) in a single-stage topology by […]

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Why Power Factor Correction (PFC) is Important? Why to Improve Your Power Factor? How to do Power Factor Correction (PFC)? It discusses the Benefits of power factor correction, and the list of Power Factor Correction (PFC) Devices.

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Texas_Instruments (TI) today introduced a new single-stage LED lighting pulse width modulation (PWM) controller. The TRIAC-dimmable solution regulates LED current and also achieves near unity power factor. The reference design can achieve 85 percent efficiency, which enables high-density, small form factor designs. The TPS92210 is designed for general lighting applications, such as commercial and residential […]

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It is often confused about the usage of terms apparent power and real power, Volt-Ampere (VA) and Watt (W). Especially power supply unit manufacturers specify their device ratings in VA, but the actual load such as bulb, fan, TV, Fridge, etc. are specified with power rating in watts (W). The real power is the actual […]

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