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VoIP Phone System for Home and Business

VoIP is a phone call over the Internet. Basically, instead of using a traditional phone line, VoIP uses your internet connection to make a call much, much cheaper. VoIP companies and VoIP Phone service providers can offer much lower prices that traditional phone services. Residential VOIP Phone Services. VoIP Business Phone Services. Reliable and Secure. Audio/Video conferencing. Business Quality Phone Service. Real Time Management via Web Portal.

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CA, USA, Dec. 14, 2010:- CEVA, Inc. the leading licensor of silicon intellectual property (SIP) platform solutions and DSP cores, today announced that PMC-Sierra, the premier Internet infrastructure semiconductor solution provider, has licensed its CEVA-VoP™ voice-over-IP platform for use in PMC-Sierra’s next generation system-on-chip (SoC) devices for Fiber-To-The-Home applications. CEVA-VoP is a complete hardware and […]

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