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Modbus Gateway for Wireless Sensor System

February 2012:- The Deeter Group, market leaders in the design, development and manufacture of electronic sensors and control systems, has added a Wireless Modbus Gateway to its range of Wireless Sensor Network products. Any users of Modbus communication protocols will find the new Deeter Wireless Modbus Gateway is a simple and cost effective way to […]

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Thermoelectric (TE) energy harvesting is based on the heat flux through a thermoelectric element or a thermogenerator comprising a multitude of such elements. The heat flux is driven by a temperature difference across the element. The generated voltage is proportional to the number of elements and the temperature difference. Thermoelectric thin-film micro devices with high […]

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Saelig Company Inc. announced LoadSense – an intelligent wireless load sensor that can be integrated with a crane hook, fork lift or other handling device or weighing machine for intelligent weight measurement scales of loading events for 1-10 tonnes range. LoadSense wireless load sensor has an on-board single-chip computer for recording, analyzing and archiving readings, […]

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Sensonor SP400-series is a high accuracy wireless digital absolute pressure sensor. The SP400 series is a fully calibrated and digital absolute pressure sensors with programmable, embedded 8051 microcontrollers and RF transmitters. Programming and debugging is via an I2C interface. Flexible and customer specified application communication is available via general purpose I/O pins, the RF transmitter […]

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DASH7 is a wireless sensor networking technology using the ISO/IEC 18000-7 standard for active RFID, operating at in the 433 MHz ISM band unlicensed spectrum. DASH7 wireless sensor network provides multi-year battery life, range of up to 10 km (potentially farther), low latency for tracking moving objects, small protocol stack, sensor and security support, and […]

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RuBee IEEE 1902.1 is a two way active wireless protocol that uses Long Wavelength (LW) magnetic signals to send and receive short (128 byte) data packets in a local regional network. Rubee protocol is similar to the IEEE 802 protocols which are also known as WiFi (IEEE 802.11), Zigbee, WPAN (IEEE 802.15.4) and Bluetooth (IEEE […]

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