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Editor’s Note: Welcome to AspenCore’s Special Project on Focus on
Taiwan, Part 1. Offered in the form of eBook, this special project provides an in-depth
look at Taiwan. We explored the topic from multiple angles including the
business, technology and economy. 


By Junko Yoshida, Chief
International Correspondent, EE Times

Taiwan is a tiny nation of just 23
million souls. It
doesn’t boast a huge commercial market that devours vast amounts of finished
goods. Yet, for small economies seeking membership among the world’s
technology leaders, Taiwan has a key to the club.

Talent mobility, above all, spurred
the birth of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Taiwan has become the
world capital of advanced chip production. The foundry business has anchored
Taiwan’s tech industry and its economic boom.

That’s a well-told story.

Less known are the stories about
people behind Taiwan’s rise, whose vision and determination turned a
little mountain island into a technology engine.  Those pioneers remain
deeply bonded. This issue of AspenCore’s “Focus on Taiwan” examines Taiwan’s
potential and explores new plots those visionaries — including the Minister of
Science and Technology — are hatching for Taiwan’s new-generation engineers,
scientists, and entrepreneurs.

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Table of Contents:

  • Taiwan’s Evolution Taiwan: So Much
    More than a Tiger
  • Q&A with the Minister of Science and
    Technology: Taiwan: ‘Small Economy, Smart Strategy’
  • Taiwan’s Best-Kept Secret: F.C.
    Tseng at TSMC
  • Tesla’s Impact on Taiwan Automotive Industry:  Go
    to Taiwan for EVs? Well, Tesla Did.
  • Taiwan Has ‘Big-Data-Free’ Social