AVX has unveiled
a new series of tall board-to-board stacker connectors for applications in
automotive, consumer, medical, and industrial markets. The 00-9148 Series
connectors claim to exhibit resistance to shock and vibration and reduction in
tolerance accumulation for cross-market applications with varying

The tall stacker
connectors feature a double-row design with an 8-mm (±0.2 mm) board-stacking
height, a 1-mm pitch, and eight positions. And they are rated for 1-A
continuous current. Moreover, flexible tooling enables the creation of
application-specific variants.


single-piece connectors are rated for 125 V, 50 cycles, and temperatures
spanning –40°C to 125°C. That makes them highly suitable for connecting two
parallel boards in applications such as automotive infotainment systems,
portable devices that require docking or cradle charging, patient monitoring
devices, portable medical equipment, and industrial devices that require
pluggable or programmable modules.

The 00-9148 Series
connectors feature high-temperature plastic insulators that meet the UL94 V-0
flammability standard. Then there are high-reliability beryllium copper (BeCu)
contacts with 0.25-μm standard gold plating on
the nose, or 0.8 μm upon request.

tall stacker connectors also provide pure tin
over nickel SMT terminations that are compatible with RoHS-compliant, lead-free
reflow soldering processes. The connectors come in tape and reel packaging in
quantities of 400 pieces and mates with gold-plated pads on mating board