By Majeed Ahmad, Contributing Editor

has released new target connectors that are used in place of SMT
pads on a PCB as the mating surface for spring-loaded pins. These low-profile target connectors, with an above-board height of 2.21 mm, can play a critical role in facilitating specific
distances between boards.

has introduced four new target connectors, and all of
them are surface-mount. They are available in single- or double-row packages
and are offered with flat or concave target faces. It’s worth noting that concave-faced targets
provide additional surface area for mating.

target face with concave style can also aid in centering and alignment of components and boards fitted with
spring-loaded connectors. Mill-Max employs advanced machining techniques to ensure that there is no burr protrusion on either the target face
or the surface-mount termination end.



claims that its target connectors are highly
suitable for low-profile applications that require multiple connections. The component supplier adds
that combining
target connectors with spring-loaded connectors on opposing boards provides a simple and convenient way of creating connections between stacked boards or docking stations and

of the pins are precision-machined and gold-plated for environmental
protection, durability,
and good conductivity. The
pins boast an overall length tolerance of ±0.0381 mm for connectors up to 25.4 mm long.