Tektronix offers a technical document on “TCP/IPv4 and Ethernet 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX Debugging with the Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes”. This application note begins with an overall view of the operation of the Internet Protocol Suite which is the foundation of the Internet implementation. Next, the operation of each Internet Protocol layer is discussed. Throughout the application note the Tektronix mixed signal oscilloscope is used to show the examples of the protocol with its data. At the end of this application note is a section on working with Ethernet 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX signals with the mixed signal oscilloscope.

The Internet is a global network of computers that can communicate with each other using Internet Protocol Suite standards. Because of the Internet popularity and its ease of use there is a growing number of embedded products from cameras to instruments that are connected to the Internet. Designing these embedded products is challenging and time consuming without the right verification and debug tools.

The mixed signal oscilloscope (MSO) is the tool of choice to debug embedded systems that have a mixture of analog and digital signals. For quick verification and debugging the MSO Series Oscilloscope with the DPO4ENET Serial Application Module captures and decodes TCP/IPv4/Ethernet protocol and data on 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX local area networks (LANs). The MSO Series Oscilloscope provides embedded system visibility of time correlated analog signals, digital signals, parallel buses, serial buses and the LAN interface to the Internet.

Download link to the application note: http://www2.tek.com/cmsreplive/tirep/17933/55W_26293_0_2011.