– TDK-Micronas is a pioneer in the development of Hall-effect sensors in CMOS technology and has currently the world’s largest Hall sensor portfolio for the automotive and industrial market.
– TDK-Micronas offers high-quality Hall sensor products for various measurement tasks including position, angle, speed, torque, pressure, and electric current.

26. April 2017 – TDK Corporation announces that its subsidiary TDK-Micronas has already delivered more than four billion Hall sensors to the automotive and industrial market.

Hall sensors are the first choice, when it comes to contactless measurements in automotive and industrial applications. The most important trends in the automotive market – reduction of emissions, autonomous driving, and vehicle electrification – require comprehensive sensor technology. All this leads to an increasing demand for magnetic-field sensors, especially Hall sensors.

“The superior design of the Micronas brand Hall sensors, several decades of experience in the field of CMOS Hall technology, and short ways thanks to local production enable us to offer our customers a quality standard that meets highest requirements,” said Bernhard Huber, Vice President Sales at TDK-Micronas. “We are continuously offering innovative solutions to our customers in order to serve ever more demanding automotive applications,” adds Bernhard Huber.

TDK-Micronas provides a wide range of Hall sensors such as switches, linear sensors and direct-angle sensors for various applications. The products are developed first of all to fit to the cornerstones of the automotive market − cost efficiency in high volume and high “0 ppm” quality. They enable system cost savings thanks to high magnetic performance, high ESD/EMC robustness, high functional safety integrity, and higher integration levels in a single-mold package.

TDK-Micronas is a reliable partner for its customers by offering high flexibility over the complete life cycle from product requirements to manufacturing and logistics, as well as superior technical support. The know-how and expertise in the field of magnetic-field measurement at TDK Corporation allows further development of innovative sensor technologies and products as well as creative system solutions.