TE Connectivity announces FullAXS Mini connectors

TE Connectivity has announced its FullAXS Mini connector sealing systems for rugged outdoor environments. The connector sealing systems are said to be one of the only products available that enables one-handed, blind installs from many angles. With three sense (visual, audio and tangible) locking feedback, floating connections and a twist angle of 30°, these products claim to be installable by field engineers with all levels of experience in virtually any location.

“Outdoor wireless and industrial equipment is getting smaller while needing to deliver more functionality, and connectors on that equipment must be smaller and more versatile,” said Stefan Borgas, TE manager of product management. “The connector sealing system delivers the small size, ease of installation, and ruggedness necessary for today’s wireless and industrial equipment designs.”

The connectors are said to be 23% smaller than TE’s current FullAXS products and can be placed almost anywhere on the box due to their flexible sealing system. The connector sealing delivers a watertight seal up to IP67 and IP65 levels and uses UV material to meet F1 rating UL 94-V0. The sealing withstands all applicable lightning strike requirements, making them suitable for many harsh outdoor environments for applications including wireless and microwave equipment, industrial, robotic, aerospace and defence.

Peggy Lee