Shenzhen Oeteck Communication Co. Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer of professional test & mesaurement instruments for Telecommunication and Data Communications industry. Oeteck offers various models of Telephone Line Testers. OE230-series Telephone Line Testers are a new kind of line fault tester with safety & multi-function testing capabilities. Besides the basic functions as common Telephone Line Testers, they also have functions of high voltage protection and polarity indication, and so on.

Telephone Line Tester - Telecom Cable Test InstrumentOE230 Telephone Line Tester is one portable and intelligent line fault tester, which adopts advanced technologies such as intelligent CPU, IC & surface mounted technology (SMT) technology. It integrates various kinds of functions such as telephone, line performance test and safety test to be the one.

The caller telephone number display function is compatible with FSK/DTMF two types. Its particular function of automatically detecting high AC voltage test can test whether there is dangerous high AC voltage in the line or not quickly and accurately in order to protect lineman from high voltage.

The tester is designed following the human engineering theory with the appearance style like barbell, it can be put on the shoulder, the lineman can do other work using hands at the same time; besides, it can be hung in the tool belt of waist through the pothook, it is convenient to realize the talk function cooperating with the high quality earphone when the lineman is climbing or doing other things; the max continuous working duration when the inside rechargeable Ni-MH battery is fully charged is about 7 hours without replacing battery; the shell is made of new material and it is very reliable.

OE230 Telephone Line Tester has the features of: Dial Talk and Receive calling (As normal telephone), Identifying ADSL/ISDN service, Phone number storage, High voltage protection (by fuse), P/T transfer function, Caller telephone number display, FSK/DTMF auto compatibility, DTMF applying to GB/T15279-94, etc.