Telonic Instruments adds Kikusui’s enhanced AC power supply series

The PCR-MA range provides output powers from 500 to 4000 watts in a voltage range from 0 to 310V rms.

The output frequency range covers 40 to 500Hz, which includes the aviation frequency of 400Hz. The unit can also supply DC (±0-438V).

The output waveform is generated using PWM and Digital Signal Processing, meaning that the sine wave is very low in distortion (unlike the near-square wave output of some other manufacturers), says Telonic.

Output voltage and frequency are infinitely variable, with the output on or off. The output start phase can be set along with many overvoltage/current safety features. Auto-ranging means less user involvement.

Single phase input makes life easier, Telonic adds, and the input voltage range runs from 100V to 240V meaning that all the mains voltages in the world can be replicated anywhere in the world including: 120V 60Hz; 230V 50Hz. Supplied software allows detailed recording of load details.

Control can be front panel, remote via Ethernet/LXI or USB plus an RS232C option. A built-in web-browser is designed to make via-Internet control easy.

Inrush currents can often stump AC converters, but these units can drive up to three times their rated rms current for a limited time.

The range is: PCR500MA (500VA), PCR1000MA (1kVA), PCR2000MA (2kVA) and PCR4000MA (4kVA). There are no weighty iron-cored transformers, resulting in a light unit which is easy to carry.

Bethan Grylls