7501 Field mounted HART temperature transmitter with display and optical buttons offers easy configuration and diagnostics – from the front…

Now you can benefit from easy programming and quick, at-a-glance review and diagnostics of your process values with the 7501 Field mounted HART temperature transmitter. Using unique technology, you can configure the transmitter from the front of the housing in any environment by simply touching the optical buttons – even when wearing gloves.

7501 Field mounted HART temperature transmitter You can also perform advanced HART programming from the front, and as a result, significantly reduce the need for handheld communicators (HHC).

• 60 mm backlit dot matrix display with radial bar graph
• Optical buttons that work in even harsh environments
• Fast and intuitive guided programming
• HART 7 functionality with HART 5 compatibility
• RTD, TC, Ohm and bipolar mV inputs and analog output
Once installed, you never have to open the housing again. The enclosure is Ex d explosion proof / flame proof to maintain safety and integrity at all times.
Easy configuration and operation
The 7501 Field mounted HART temperature transmitter can be mounted in 3 ways: on the temperature sensor, on a pipe, or on a bulkhead.

Configuration is easy and logical with scrolling help texts and three logical buttons: up arrow, down arrow and OK.

Thanks to the user-friendly PR Menu Guide, it is possible to configure the device in less than 1 minute.

The field display is equipped with many hazardous area and marine approvals for applications worldwide.