Tensilica DNA 100 Processor IP targets AI applications

Cadence Design Systems has announced the Cadence Tensilica DNA 100 Processor IP, a deep neural-network accelerator (DNA) AI processor IP that delivers high performance and power efficiency across a full range of compute from 0.5 TeraMAC (TMAC) to 100s of TMACs.

As a result, the DNA 100 processor is well suited for on-device neural network inference applications, spanning autonomous vehicles (AVs), ADAS, surveillance, robotics, drones, augmented reality (AR) /virtual reality (VR), smartphones, smart home and IoT.

According to Cadence, the DNA 100 processor delivers up to 4.7X better performance and up to 2.3X more performance per watt compared to other solutions with similar multiplier-accumulator (MAC) array sizes. For more information, visit http://www.cadence.com/go/dna100.

Neural networks are characterised by inherent sparsity for both weights and activations, causing MACs in other processors to be consumed unnecessarily through loading and multiplying zeros. The DNA 100 processor’s specialised hardware compute engine eliminates both tasks, allowing this sparsity to be leveraged for power efficiency and compute reduction.

The DNA 100 processor comes equipped with a complete AI software platform. Compatibility with the latest version of the Tensilica Neural Network Compiler enables support for advanced AI frameworks including, Caffe, TensorFlow, TensorFlow Lite, and a spectrum of neural networks such as convolution and recurrent networks.

Amy Best