Packages based on FotoNation’s unique deep learning neural networks

The face and iris
recognition software packages from Tessera Technologies are a high-performance collection of biometric
security and authentication solutions for mobile platforms. Based on deep
learning neural network software by FotoNation and proven MIRLIN Iris recognition
technologies, the solutions provide authentication in the most challenging
outdoor light and shade conditions. The packages fit a number of mobile applications
including device access, device personalization, and mobile banking

The package combines the latest deep
learning advances with industry-leading computational imaging algorithms. It uses
any front-view/selfie cameras to rapidly identify the subject in various light
conditions and poses. With a false acceptance rate (FAR) of 1 in 10 k, combined
with liveliness detection, the package delivers enhanced security.



MERLIN Iris recognition delivers advanced
biometric capabilities for mobile devices that can accurately identify a
subject even while he or she is wearing glasses and works even in direct
sunlight. With a FAR of 1 in 10 M, it delivers enhanced reliability without
sacrificing security and is being deployed in commercial buildings, in multiple
European airports, and at military bases around the world.

When Iris and face recognition
solutions are deployed together, secure authentication can be achieved with an
FAR of up to 1 in 1 billion. Development kits for FotoNation’s biometrics
solutions are available now.