Solna, Sweden – The best Full HD Digital Microscope technology isn’t providing optimum results if its image is compromised by less than the best lighting technology. To get the best inspection results and imagery out of the powerful INSPECTIS system, the lighting has to be up to snuff. That’s why INSPECTIS AB announces the availability of its new HD-024-B White LED Ring Light.

The all new HD-024-B provides the best light matched to the capabilities of the INSPECTIS system, and also makes the light easier to use and adjust. In keeping with the clean, simple equipment approach of INSPECTIS, it also prevents wire clutter.

The new HD-024-B is powered directly from the INSPECTIS camera that’s being used via the AUX power outlet found at the top-right side of the camera housing.  The heavy benchtop control unit has been eliminated along with the cables that ran to it, instantly improving cable management by eliminating unnecessary cables. It’s powerful yet simplified and easy to use; its integrated on-off/ brightness control is conveniently located on the right-hand side of the unit.

The HD-024-B incorporates 8 high-power white LED lamps for various incident light applications, providing homogenous illumination at pure daylight white color. Accessories include an attachable Polarizer/Analyzer filter set for removing glare and a Diffuser filter for extra smooth and soft illumination.