MSK - Thermal/Temp rise Multi-chip modules


Power dissipation and temperature rise is an important issue that needs to be considered
when designing high reliability microelectronics. The heat created by power dissipation can
cause specifications to drift out of tolerance and decrease the life of the part if not properly
managed. The majority of the heat is typically removed through the base plate or the bottom
of the device into a heat sink or PC board. Component junction temperatures are calculated
as a temperature rise from the case temperature. Each component is analyzed to verify that it
does not exceed the maximum junction temperature under the worst case operating
conditions. The operating conditions of a specific application will affect the thermal
characteristics of the part and will require thermal analysis. The operating conditions that
will impact thermal design include but are not limited to; operating case temperature, input
voltage range, output voltage, load current range, signal pin input voltage range, etc.

Source: MSK