Eco-friendly LED lamp is powered by living, breathing bacteria

A new pendant lamp designed by a Dutch designer likely won’t
be appealing to germaphobes. Called Spark of Light, the device doesn’t require
electricity to light up, but is powered by breathing, electrochemically-active
bacteria instead. 


Invented by designer Teresa van Dongen, the lamp builds upon
her previous work harnessing bioluminescent bacteria. Without the use of plugs
or batteries, this eco-friendly bulb differs from contemporary lights — but those aren’t the
only reasons that give it its unique glow. To keep it shining, the
organisms inside must be fed and bred to give off small electrical currents.

Housed in four divided spherical-shaped compartments within
the lamp, the bacteria’s currents are harnessed and sent into an electrode
placed within each compartment, which powers the LED at the center. According to van Dongen, only a teaspoon of acetate every two weeks is
needed to keep the bulbs glowing without any additional electricity, 24 hours a
day. Better yet, the vessels only need to be cleaned every few months, along
with the refueling of tap water, salt, and vitamins. During the cleaning
process, the bacteria stays in the electrode until the clean vessels are


Van Dongen, who studied biology before graduating from
Design Academy Eindhoven, plans to make her invention into a consumer-friendly
product. The designer said her project is currently a work in development, as
she recently discovered that the bacteria works better when attaching more LEDs
per electrode.

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Source: Wonderful