Tiltmeters are used extensively for monitoring volcanos, the response of dams to filling, the small movements of potential landslides, the orientation and volume of hydraulic fractures, and the response of structures to various influences such as loading and foundation settlement. Tiltmeters may be purely mechanical or incorporate vibrating-wire or electrolytic sensors for electronic measurement. A sensitive instrument can detect changes of as little as one arc second.

Modern electronic tiltmeter is slowly replacing all older forms of tiltmeter, uses a simple bubble level principle, as used in the common carpenter level. An arrangement of electrodes senses the exact position of the bubble in the electrolytic solution, to a high degree of precision. Any small changes in the level are recorded using a standard datalogger. This arrangement is quite insensitive to temperature, and can be fully compensated, using built-in thermal electronics. A newer technology uses Microelectromechanical systems electronics, but it is not clear whether this can eventually displace the common bubble type tiltmeter.

Tiltlogger is an electronic titlmeter made up of tilt sensors or inclinometer sensor and the monitored data will be stored in the digital storage devices included in tiltmeter or the data will be stored in PC using some data transfer interface.

Tiltmeters are used to monitor changes in the slope or tilt of a structure. Such changes may be caused by excavation, tunneling, dewatering, or loading of the structure. Typical applications for tiltmeters include:

  • Monitoring stabilization measures, such as pressure grouting and underpinning.
  • Monitoring rotation caused by mining, tunneling, soil compaction, or excavation.
  • Monitoring the deflection and deformation of retaining walls.
  • Monitoring convergence and other movements in tunnels.
  • Monitoring rotation of concrete dams and retaining walls. Providing early warning of threatening deformations, allowing time for corrective action to be taken.

Tiltmeter in Smartphone (iPhone) and Tablet PC (iPad)

Tiltmeter iphone or ipad software application measures the angles (as in a spirit level), elevation (as in an inclinometer) or slopes from each of the four edges of the iPhone/iPod Touch. So it can be used to level many things! You can calibrate each direction individually. It contains a lock feature, and the calibration process is easy. The application also disables the automatic sleep mode of your device, so when measuring, you won’t have to be touching the screen or pressing any button to keep it awake.