Time-of-Flight Ranging Sensor Brings Multi-Object Detection and Multi-Array Scanning to Mobile Applications

February 21, 2017

STMicroelectronics’ third-generation laser-ranging sensor, the VL53L1, is based on its FlightSense technology and features patented silicon- and module-level architectures, adding for the first time, optical lenses to the module. This combination boosts core performance and offers more features including multi-target detection, cover-glass crosstalk immunity at long distance, and programmable multi-zone scanning. With a form factor of 4.9 mm x 2.5 mm x 1.56 mm, the sensor module integrates a new lens system, a 940-nm VCSEL invisible-light source, a processing core, and a SPAD photon detector. The addition of the optical lens system increases the photon detection rate to boost the module’s ranging performance. The embedded microcontroller manages the complete ranging function and runs the innovative digital algorithms to minimize host-processing overhead and system power consumption, maximizing battery life for mobile applications. The I2C-based VL53L1 module comes with a full package of software drivers and documentation for quick and simple integration.

Burlington, MA


Company STMicroelectronics
Country Switzerland
URL http://www.st.com/