Often digital electronics engineers have to draw timing diagrams during the documentation at various design stages. In some cases, the timing diagrams can be generated by the design tool itself based on HDL or any other code executed by the tool. It may not be the case if the engineer wants to draw timing diagrams at early stages of design. During early stage such as planning, specification documentation stage, people have to use third party timing diagram software to draw them manually.

Most of the people follow the traditional approach of using Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint for drawing timing diagrams. It is also easy to draw timing diagrams by Microsoft Visio, but the tool costs more.

Stop wasting your valuable time drawing and modifying waveforms with Visio or Word. There are few third party timing diagram generation software tools available for free of cost (may be available on limited features). Try to utilize them to save your valueable time. These are engineering CAD software tools that helps you quickly and easily draw timing diagrams.

Here I would like to list them down a few Popular Timing Diagram Generator Software Tools.

  • TimeGen – Timing Diagram Software By XFusion Software
  • WaveFormer Pro By SynaptiCAD
  • Timing Diagramer Pro By SynaptiCAD
  • TimeCrafter – A Windows-based timing diagram generator