TI’s LMZM2360x step-down power modules

The Texas Instruments (TI) LMZM23600 and LMZM23601 step-down DC-DC power modules, housed in a compact, 3.8 mm × 3 mm × 1.6 mm MicroSiP package, are designed to reduce board space by up to 58%.

Now stocked at Mouser Electronics, TI says its LMZM23601 is the smallest 1 A DC/DC power module on the market for industrial applications. The 0.5 A LMZM23600 and 1 A LMZM23601 power modules are available in a fixed-output voltage of either 3.3V and 5V or with an adjustable output voltage of 2.5V to 15V.

The modules feature an integrated inductor and an input voltage range of 4V to 36V, with up to 92% efficiency to minimise energy loss. The modules’ 30µA quiescent current increases light-load efficiency and extends battery life in battery-powered applications, adds TI.

The LMZM2360x power modules require only two external components for fixed-output voltage performance, offering plug-and-play capability. TI adds that the power modules support a seamless transition between forced PWM mode and auto PFM mode, enabling both constant-frequency operations and high-efficiency operations with light loads.

The modules are optimised for low-EMI, performance-driven industrial applications and include built-in control loop compensation, soft start, current limit protection, and undervoltage lockout.

The LMZM2360x modules are supported by the LMZM23600 and LMZM23601 evaluation modules, fully assembled and tested modules that allow developers to evaluate the features and performance of the power modules. The LMZM236000 evaluation module is available in all three output voltage options, while the LMZM23601 evaluation module is available in an adjustable 2.5V to 15V version.

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Bethan Grylls