Multiport minidock reference design speeds development of USB Type-C and Power Delivery docking stations



DALLAS (August
11, 2016) – Texas Instruments (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) today introduced a multiport
USB Type-C and Power Delivery (PD) minidock reference design that provides
audio, USB data, power and video support. This new TI Designs reference design
can be powered by a traditional power adapter, USB Type-C adapter or notebook
computer, offering end users flexible, intelligent functionality. The reference
design provides a fully tested, verified plan for a 2- by 4-inch dock, at least
50 percent smaller than existing docking solutions. To download the reference
design, test data, schematic and more, visit


At the core of
the USB Type-C and Power Delivery Minidock with Video and Charging Support
Reference Design (TIDA-01243) is the TPS65982
USB Type-C and PD controller. The TPS65982 enables dual-role port USB Type-C
functionality, capable of delivering 60 watts of power and supporting
DisplayPort Alternate Mode and USB data transmission. In addition, the design
features the TPS65986
USB Type-C and PD controller, HD3SS3212
SuperSpeed multiplexer, TUSB321
dual-role port controller and HD3SS460
Alternate Mode multiplexer, which work together to provide dual-role port
capability for power, data and video transfer.


features and benefits

  • Bidirectional power and data transfer: The design allows for autonomous PD negotiation for
    both source and sink, eliminating the need for an external
  • Smallest solution size: By combining the highly integrated TPS65982 with
    other USB Type-C components in an optimized circuit, the minidock
    reference design allows engineers to develop up to 50 percent smaller
    docking stations compared to other designs available on the market with
    similar, comprehensive features.
  • DisplayPort and High-Definition Multimedia Interface
    (HDMI) design flexibility
    The minidock also supports USB 3.0 or 4K resolution video and digital
    audio through various output options.
  • Fast development time: All integrated circuits (ICs) within the design are
    compliant with the current USB Type-C and PD standards, simplifying and
    speeding engineers’ design cycles.
  • Simple implementation: The design combines the complete solution of TI USB
    Type-C and PD-compliant ICs, including port controllers, data
    multiplexers, DC/DC converters, load switches, field-effect transistors
    (FETs), signal conditioners and circuit protection, easing product
    selection and purchasing during design implementation.

TI and
USB Type-C

The minidock
design features the industry’s most complete portfolio of USB Type-C-compliant
products and resources. As a founding member of the USB Implementers Forum and
with more than 20 years of experience engineering USB-compliant products, TI
enables designers to deliver the most innovative end solutions built on a
foundation of high-performance products.


and availability
The minidock
TI Designs reference design (TIDA-01243)
is now available for download.
Additionally, an evaluation module allows designers to quickly evaluate and
implement their minidock designs. Get started now with the USB-CTM-MINIDK-EVM,
available today for US$499 from the TI store and authorized distributors.


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USB Type-C and Power Delivery (PD) from TI