The future has arrived, and it doesn’t take gas! While electric vehicles were once seen as an impractical alternative to standard fuel, today’s EVs present a viable option for the eco-conscious car buyer. With charging stations becoming more and more common alongside American highways. No longer restricted to tiny two-seaters and experimental designs, modern electric vehicles come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges, from high performance sports coupes to value-oriented family sedans. The idea of such cars was presented long ago but at that time the people hadn’t have such kind of variety that is available in the present time.

Top Electric Cars of 2011

  1. Nissan Leaf – Nissan Leaf is designed for those who normally travel less than the 100 miles per day. The comfortable traveling is made possible with the mean of a car that features with five doors and five seats.
  2. Mitsubishi I-MiEV – It is one of the best notable Electric vehicles because of its first position is its wonderful style, great power supply and cozy driving experience. Mitsubishi crafted it with additional 4 inches space so you will never complain about its small space. When you have a look at this vehicle then you never desire to buy any other EV because it has a variety of attractions which you hardly found in other cars.
  3. Chevrolet Volt – This car has dual power technology i.e. gas powered generator and battery. It is possible that the car’s battery end up due to some reason, at that time an additional generator will be there to provide an auxiliary power supply to your vehicle. This car is available with the price range of around $39000 – $41,000.
  4. Ford Transit Connect – There are a number of people who want to have a car that is suitable for more than five people and for their facilitation; Ford launches Transit Connect that is designed with extra space. You can enjoy the long driving with your family and friends with this large vehicle. If you are planning a long trip with your buddies and fellows then undoubtedly, Transit Connect seems to be a perfect option for you.
  5. Ford Focus Electric – A feature which differentiates it from the other cars is its spacious and mainstream spaces. Its distance ranges is same as of Nisan Leaf i.e. less than 100 miles. The battery of it packs with the power of 23 KWH.
  6. Fisker Karma – Fishker Karma is one of the speediest vehicles therefore many people prefer it on the other cars. Though you can get only 50 miles range with it, yet you are free to extend this range to 200 miles by taking power from gas engines. Excellent speed is provided by Karma through its 22 KWH lithium ion rechargeable battery. In case you want to use the gas generator then the speed of vehicle would be great enough as there is an efficient EcoTec engine.
  7. Wheego Life – Wheego Life is packed with 30-kilowatt hour batteries that power up the engine and make it feasible for the user to cross the range of 100 miles with it . You are able to get the implausible pleasure of highway driving with a vehicle that resembles with smart electric drive in its features and descriptions.