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Answers to All Common TOPSwitch Technical Questions can be
found in this application note, the TOPSwitch Data Sheets, the TOPSwitch Design
Notes, and the TOPSwitch reference design/evaluation board documentation. The
fastest path to TOPSwitch success is to read the TOPSwitch datasheets, AN-16
and this document carefully and completely before beginning the design.
Detailed information on specific application circuits can be found in the
Application Notes, Design Notes and Reference Design/Evaluation Board
documentation listed below. Purchasing a Reference Design/Evaluation Board is
strongly recommended and will dramatically reduce design, breadboarding, and
debugging time. For information on specific subjects including PC design, Drain
Voltage Clamping, and Recommended Transformer Inductance, find the appropriate
section in the table of contents on the next page. For problems encountered in
working power supplies, refer directly to the Troubleshooting Guide. For
technical questions not covered by any TOPSwitch literature, fill out a copy of
the TOPFAX form given at the end of this application note and FAX to Power
Integrations, Inc.