Touchscreen display support given to Raspberry Pi from 4D Systems 

A series of LCD displays modules that support the Raspberry Pi family of single computers has been announced by 4D Systems.

The gen4-4DPI series is available in three screen sizes: 4.3, 5.0 and 7 inches. They are said to connect to a Raspberry Pi through a 30 pin FPC cable and an adapter board that conforms to both the Raspberry Pi expansion header pin-out and Pi’s HAT device identification standard.

4D Systems explained that the series has been designed as a primary graphical display, replacing the use of an HDMI or composite display. The display modules are also said to be available with resistive or capacitive touch control options.

To provide an easy way to mount the display within a suitable enclosure, 4D Systems said a cover lens bezel option is available for the capacitive touch display. It is powered directly from the Raspberry Pi, which 4D Systems said hopes will simplify operation.

The gen4-4DPI series is designed for use with the Raspberry Pi A+, B+, 3, Zero and Zero W.

A full list of the display modules can be found here.

Bethan Grylls