Transistor delivers 600 Watts for RF energy applications

A 600 Watt BLF0910H9LS600 LDMOS power amplifier transistor has been launched by Ampleon. This is the first RF energy transistor using Ampleon’s latest Gen9HV 50V LDMOS process, a node that is said to have been optimised to deliver increased efficiency, power and gain.

The device is designed for use industrial heating continuous wave RF energy applications in the 900 to 930 MHz ISM band and comes in a ceramic SOT502 package.

Ampleon claims that the operating efficiency rates are typically above 68 % and the need for cooling is minimal.

Ampleon says overall amplifier efficiency should be improved, with the high gain of the BLF0910H9LS600 (typically 19.8 dB), measured with a VDS of 50 V in a 915 MHz CW class AB application.

It is also said to be possible to architect a 1.2 kW RF power amplifier in the same space as a single SOT539 package by using two of these compact SOT502 packaged 600 Watt transistors.

This architecture also contributes to a lower transistor temperature which, according to Ampleon, results in an effective higher efficiency than a single SOT539 solution.

The BLF0910H9LS600 is said to have an integrated ESD protection and internal input matching. The matching is designed to increase the transistor input impedance and simplify the design of the PCB matching structures, to facilitate a compact amplifier design.

Bethan Grylls