Quotes are delivered in 48 hours for basic customization

By Heather Hamilton, contributing writer

TT Electronics announced a program designed to provide quotes with a 48-hour
turnaround for custom Optek optoelectronic solutions. The “Quick Quote Program”
is available worldwide through a global network in the Americas, Asia and EMEA.

The program covers specific electrical and
mechanical changes, housing modifications, and test conditions, said TT.

The “Quick Quote Program” should improve
time-to-market by eliminating early bottlenecks. The program provides quick
quotes on certain electrical changes, such as binning, burn-in specifications,
and temperature cycling and testing. Also covered are mechanical changes, which
include trimming and forming leads, custom cable lengths, and external
connector options.


Modifications to the housing that do not
affect electrical performance, including height adjustments and adjustments to
mounting tabs, are also covered. Specific testing conditions for high-reliability
or UL testing can also be accommodated.

The program allows for basic customization to
infrared emitters, infrared sensors, fiber-optic transmitters and receivers,
optical isolators, high-performance visible-LED modules and discrete LEDs, and
screened high-reliability products like hermetically-sealed devices and COTS
emitters, sensors, switches, and isolators.

To get a quote, a customer completes a
standard quote request form with the help of a dedicated staff member. The form
should include any additional information to support the request. Then, a team
works to provide an engineering and price assessment, which is delivered to the
customer as a custom quote within 48 hours.