TVS Diode Arrays Offer Options

Littelfuse Inc.
February 14, 2017

Littelfuse introduces what it’s calling an industry first: a series of three unidirectional TVS diode arrays in 01005 flip chip packages (0.23 mm x 0.43 mm). The SP3145 Series can withstand multiple electrostatic discharge (ESD) events without wear-out or degradation. Its low nominal capacitance (0.35pF) makes this series ideal for interfaces running at high data rates approaching 5GHz clock speeds. The general purpose SP1043 (8pF) and SP1044 (30pF) Series TVS Diode Arrays employ proprietary silicon avalanche technology to protect the I/O ports of electronic equipment subject to destructive ESD. The diodes can safely absorb repetitive ESD strikes at ±12kV (for SP1043) or ±30kV (for SP1044) without performance degradation.

Littelfuse Inc.
Chicago, IL 60631


Company Littelfuse Inc.
Country United States (USA)