Naratte has developed Zoosh, a new technology that provides the benefits of near-field communication (NFC) with ultrasonic technology by using the speaker and microphone already found in mobile devices. Naratte’s Zoosh technology is highly engineered software that enables users to securely exchange data between devices using the speakers and microphones found on most devices. Zoosh operates across a broad range of products including feature phones, smart phones, media players, tablets, POS systems, personal computers and even televisions. With Zoosh, one update to your App can turn-on proximity-based device-to-device communication on millions of devices already in consumers’ hands.

Applications of Zoosh Ultrasonic Communication System

Ultrasonic Communication System of Mobile Data Transfer using Zoosh

Smartphone Ultrasonic NFC Payments

Naratte’s Zoosh technology unlocks a broad range of applications that include next generation shopping experiences including phone-to-phone and phone-to-POS payments, mobile loyalty and MyWallet, and digital couponing at the POS terminal. Zoosh also enables applications such as instant and reliable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi pairing, peer-to-peer contact and data exchange and many more. Whatever your application, use Zoosh to get your near field mobile applications to market now.

Zoosh, powered by Naratte, solves one of the most challenging problems facing the technology industry: ubiquitous yet reliable device-to-device communication. And even more challenging, doing so when there is no data connection available. Their seasoned engineering team thinks from the transistor level up to the user interface resulting in a solution that is robust and elegant.

If conducting proximity-based transactions between devices is of interest, Naratte’s Zoosh technology is the answer. The Naratte team has created a number of Zoosh experiences that can be easily integrated, or you can use our Zoosh SDK to create entirely new device-to-device experiences. Use Zoosh to get next-generation near field mobile Applications to market now.