CyberData Corp. has developed USB-PID-03 USB Three Channel PID Controller Module for applications in Robotics, industrial automation, machine vision, hobbyist electronics bench, systems monitoring, and many more. The USB-PID-03 module implements three independent PID (proportional, integral, derivative) control loops. The module accepts commands from a computer with an available USB host port to control three PWM outputs.

USB 3-Channel PID Controller for Robotics and Industrial AutomationThis USB Three Channel PID Controller Module allows a computer with an available USB host port to perform a closed loop control process on up to three channels simultaneously, with minimal interaction from the host PC. Communication to the host PC is accomplished with a simple serial protocol over a virtual USB COM port. The outputs may be used directly, buffered, or converted to analog voltages. The input and output parameters are configurable to customize the module to your specific application. All I/O lines feature electrical protection for use in harsh electrical enviroments. The module also features a crystal free design for use in harsh mechanical environments.

Features of USB-PID-03 USB 3-Channel PID Controller

  • 3 Independent control loops with simultaneous sampling – Allows for synchronized control, and power measurements
  • 12 bit resolution with independent offset and gain adjustments for each channel
  • Input ranges of 0-1.0V and 0-3.3V – Active region of each range also configurable
  • Two configurable output modes
    • PWM for direct servo control, with an “in-band” digital output
    • PWM with direction, output for general control applications
    • PWM signals easily converted to 0-3.3V DC levels with one additional component
  • Up to 16 bit PWM resolution on all output channels
  • Adjustable dead-band, and “in-band” ranges
  • Adjustable PWM frequency and pulse width
  • Adjustable control loop interval
  • Flash memory parameter storage allowing for one time calibration and configuration
  • Watchdog timer, with system shutdown
  • Module Hardware
  • Software
    • Communicates with a simple binary serial protocol
    • GUI setup application available for Windows and Linux platforms
    • Sample C++ driver class source code available for maximum flexibility across platforms, operating systems, and development tools.