Saelig Packet-Master USB-PET Protocol and Electrical Tester is capable of performing the suite of tests defined in the ‘Battery Charging, USB On-The-Go and Embedded Host Automated Compliance Plan’. It comes with computer-operated software application GraphicUSB for generating test reports, and also analyzer-style captures. The Packet-Master USB-PET can be connected to a host PC using a High-Speed USB connection, and controlled using the GraphicUSB application software. The front panel carries a micro-AB receptacle and a D-type connector for connection of a Unit-Under-Test, using the special cable provided. The rear panel allows the connection of a meter or an oscilloscope for monitoring VBUS voltage.

Features of USB-PET USB Protocol Electrical Tester

  • OTG USB Compliance Testing – The USB-PET provides automated compliance testing of both the data protocol and the electrical and timing requirements of the ‘On-The-Go and Embedded Host Supplement to the USB Revision 2.0 Specification’. All aspects of On-The-Go and Embedded Hosts are tested, including VBUS voltage and current performance, as well as SRP, HNP and ADP protocols.
  • Battery Charging Compliance Testing – USB-PET can carry out the compliance testing required by the USB Charging Port Compliance Plan, including tests on charging ports, portable devices, and accessory charger adapters.
  • USB Analyzer Functionality – As well as compliance testing, the Packet- Master USB-PET has the valuable capability of being able to capture an analysis of the activity on the bus during the compliance test, in the same format as produced by our range of analyzers. This allows rapid investigation of protocol-based test failures.
  • Control of Testing – Usually, tests are carried out as a suite for a particular type of Unit-Under-Test (UUT). If failures are detected, the most appropriate test can be selected from the suite, and re-run as required. For more in-depth testing, users can customize the tests by writing their own scripts.
  • High Speed Electrical Test Modes – Single-click operations allow the initiation of any of the high-speed electrical test modes defined in the supplement and the core USB specification.