SyChip, a subsidiary of Murata Wireless Solutions, introduced Utility Smart Network Access Port (USNAP) ZigBee module. USNAP ZigBee sensor node module is compliant with the USNAP version 2 specification, enables simple, protocol independent designs for applications within the Smart Energy Home Area Network (HAN), such as thermostats, home utilities/appliances remote control and monitoring, home-energy displays, and home automation products.

USNAP ZigBee Sensor ModuleUSNAP ZigBee sensor node module accomplishes the required fuctionality with minimal additional hardware on the host device. Using the SyChip USNAP module also frees designers from having to create derivatives of standard products in order to support the various and evolving protocols in the Smart Energy HAN market, thereby future-proofing product designs.

The SyChip ZigBee USNAP compliant module is a fully integrated, FCC certified, ZigBee PRO module with +20dBm output power, a 2.4GHz antenna, and 1MB of serial flash memory. It offers the best-in-class ZigBee RF performance with a 124dB link budget for long range. The module is optimized for high-performance and low power consumption (sleep at 1.2µA, transmit at 165mA@20dBm and receive at 31mA).