Light Speed vehicle head-up display system enhances road safety and changes the rules of automotive design. Light Speed vehicle head-up display system is designed with Holographic Laser Projection (HLP) technology. Vehicle head-up display system displays real-time information such as speed, road warnings and GPS information and provides driver assistance using dashboard computer and GPS systems. In addition to head-up displays, HLP’s ability to project perfectly onto curved surfaces opens up exciting new avenues in automotive design. Light Speed™ vehicle head-up display system is a new vision of the car’s instrument cluster, a three-dimensional display and control console hosting all major entertainment, telecommunication and navigation functions.

Vehicle Head-up DisplaysThe time it takes a driver to glance down at the instrument cluster is typically 0.777 seconds. It may not sound like long, but when traveling at 60 miles per hour, this equates to a distance of 20.8 metres travelled without the driver’s eyes being on the road ahead. Head-up displays will enhance road safety by helping drivers keep their eyes and their attention on the road.

With HLP, vital information such as speed, road warnings and GPS information is displayed at an apparent distance from the driver’s eyes. The display appears to be floating off the end of the vehicle’s bonnet, reducing the need for drivers to shift their focus from the road ahead.

HLP steers light to exactly where it’s needed, so the display is extremely bright and easily readable, even in the strongest sunlight. HLP is always in focus, enabling the integration of software applications that augment the display with the actual road scene so hazard warnings appear closer as the hazard approaches. The technology is even compact enough to be integrated into a rear-view or wing mirror, presenting critical information on blind spots and stopping distances.