Palm vein authentication and finger vein authentication systems are highly accurate biometric systems. Fujitsu developed the world’s smallest contact-free vein authentication sensor of vein authentication biometric devices including those for the finger or back of the hand. Vein authentication sensor’s High-speed image capture and automatic verification features enable faster palm vein authentication. It is suitable for biometric access control of portable electronic gadgets such as laptops, Tablet PCs, smartphones, PDA mobile phones, etc.

Vein Authentication Biometric SensorThe vein authentication biometric sensor‘s smaller and slimmer form factor makes it easy to incorporate into the design of personal computers and other electronic devices, thereby helping to expand the range of potential applications for palm vein authentication. Fully leveraging its advantages as a palm vein authentication sensor that is contact-free and employs an image-reflective method for authentication, the new sensor is 29.0 mm wide, 11.2 mm tall, and 29.0 mm thick, making it the world’s smallest and thinnest sensor of its kind.

To make this form factor possible, Fujitsu developed a new lighting system for components inside the sensor used in photography that enables uniform illumination. The result is a photographic optical system that is half as thick as previous models. This smaller size greatly increases the range of devices into which the sensor can be incorporated.

The vein authentication biometric sensor includes a high-speed image-capture system that continuously captures the user’s palm veins at 20 frames per second, as well as a feature that instantly identifies the best image from among the captured images and automatically verifies it. This allows users to perform authentication by simply placing their palm lightly over the sensor, rather than holding their hand motionless over the sensor, as before, thereby enabling highly-accurate and convenient operation.