is a compact and cost-effective alternative to hand-soldering in high-volume
18-AWG wire applications. AVX has released a vertical connector that bridges the gap between
inexpensive but highly inconsistent hand-soldering processes and expensive
two-piece connector systems.

18-AWG applications in power supplies, LED drivers, and industrial and motor
controls have perpendicular terminations and limited board space. So the new
58-9296 Series connectors feature a unique, stamped, and formed phosphor bronze
box contact that maximizes both board attachment and wire-capturing strength.

Thevertical poke-home connectors are 23% smaller than the
existing vertical connector solutions. So the 58-9296 Series single-position connectors can fit into extremely tight spaces
between larger and densely populated plated-through-hole (PTH) components.



58-9296 Series vertical connectors also boast tight tolerances in critical
areas to minimize the potential for ingress resulting from the secondary
potting or epoxy encapsulation processes. Such processes are usually employed
to protect industrial electronics from water and other harsh environmental

58-9296 Series poke-home connectors are able to operate in temperatures
spanning –40°C to 130°C. And they can withstand mechanical and environmental
stresses associated with 18-AWG wires in industrial applications such as
machine controls, fire sensors, and smart grid meters.

Next, the poke-home connectors feature lead-free
tin plating that enhances corrosion resistance and contact strength. And the
dual solder tabs effectively anchor the connector onto PCBs. Furthermore,
instead of costly Kapton tape, the vertical connector offers an
integrally molded flange with a vacuum pick-up point for automated SMT